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Take a scientifically validated test offering a personality description, analyses of your competencies, work style, team roles and leadership styles plus lists of suitable positions at different training levels.

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A Mindfindr report includes personality, competence, work style, teamwork and leadership style descriptions with graphs and offers rank-ordered lists of most suitable ISCO-categorized occupations and professions at various training levels.


Find out about your personality features and deepen your self-understanding

The type descriptions are based on scientifically valid personality dimensions

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Learn about your strengths and disclose potential in your natural competences

The model covers 10 work-life related competence areas

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Leadership potential

Discover your current leadership potential to help you devise developmental plans

General leadership tendencies are defined and described on a 5-level scale

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Explore your inherent assets in the labor market and design your professional future

The suitability lists of over 350 occupational titles are categorized in 7 training levels

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Working style

Identify your practical working styles and determine the areas for development

The model ranks and describes ten working styles in practical terms

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Teamwork style

Reveal your optimal teamwork roles and spot challenging areas for further development.

Eight styles relevant for group, team and board work are ranked and described

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Leadership type

Appreciate your innate leadership & expert preferences and their natural application areas

Strongest areas in four general leadership functions are depicted

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Leadership style

Widen perspectives on your leadership & expert potential and create a self-coaching plan

The model describes potential, strengths and challenges in eight leadership styles

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Worklife and self improvement

Mindfindr Personal service expands an individual’s understanding of one’s potential and strengths, opens up new vistas into future opportunities and provides practical support for self improvement.

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Personality and learning styles

There is a lot of evidence to suggest that individuals may have a preferred learning style, and that understanding this preference can help them learn more effectively.

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Are you a high-functioning psychopath?

Nowadays it is widely recognized that in some professions it may be useful to have some of the traits found in psychopaths in order to succeed in those positions.

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Can you take it - are you resilient?

One cannot but stumble into the catchword resilience nowadays. What is meant by that concept and what kinds of traits in people the term is used to refer to?

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